Postpartum Support


Belly Binding

Maintains the heat applied to the abdomen & womb
-  Prevents Nursing Slouch
-  Pressure helps support womb as it shrinks
-  Supports displaced organs as they find their way back in place
-  Supports flexible joints and muscles. Reduces backache
-  Pressure helps to stop postpartum bleeding sooner
-  Reduces the appearance of diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
-  Supports pelvic floor muscles and bones as they recover

Closing the Bones Ceremony

Give the new mother an opportunity to be nurtured
-  Serves as a sacred start to motherhood by closing the babies first home
-  Closes the open vulnerable postpartum body by literally closing the bones
-  Symbolizes closing out pregnancy and birth chapters of motherhood
-  Helps support the womb as it shrinks and heals

- Reduces waist and lower back pain

-  Loosens stagnation in the hips that may have built up during pregnancy