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Breastfeeding 101 

Come join in on the fun as we dive into all of the knowledge needed to be fully prepared for breast feeding! This interactive experience is a one day intensive workshop for women and their support system! From the anatomy of breastfeeding, to what to eat to increase your milk production, every topic is covered! 

Topics Covered: 

The history of breastfeeding 

Breast structure and function 

Milk production 

Tips for first days of breastfeeding 

Variations of nipples 

Maternal nutrition and health factors in lactation 

Components of milk 

Medication and milk 

Sore nipples 


Breastfeeding multiples 

Building a milk supply 

Problems with milk production and transfer 

Normal fullness vs what is not normal fullness 

Supply boosting 

Breastfeeding techniques and devices 

Milk banks and donor milk 

Hospital practices 

Reflexes, rooting and sucking 

Understanding digestion 

Spitting up

Sleep and breastfeeding

Temporary breastfeeding  challenges and situations 

Breastfeeding preemies

Returning to work and bottle-feeding 

And much more! 

Refreshments and lunch provided 

Cost: $60.00 ( Bring a guest ) 

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