All the Jill Scott feels and vibes are disbursed with our Crown Royal on Ice blend. You'll have a feeling of euphoria and bliss, and will feel very womanly! Our key player, ylang ylang, assists heavily with giving women a nudge, and helping us feel sensual and.... in the mood. 

Wild Chamomile is calming and gives off a very luxurious scent, and reduces anxiety. Chamomile also promotes a restful sleep after our wild night from ylang ylang, or our self care wind down. 

Vetiver is our side line friend, but don't sleep on it's benefits. This power oil is calming, grounding, and improves our desire for intimacy.

Lastly, bergamot! This power citrus is both calming and uplifting, and assists with eliminating feelings of sadness.

Alexa - play " crown royal" by Jill Scott. 

Essential Oil Blend: Crown Royal On Ice