Massage Therapy


Hi, I am Aisha, a massage therapist and aspiring wellness spa owner. Self care has always been a passion of mine, as I have a thriving interest in helping people to reach their health and healing

goals through mindfulness and relaxation. Using a holistic approach to my work, I fully attend each clients' needs, interweaving clear presence with practiced skill. Whether you desire a deeply indulgent massage, work on long-term injuries/ trauma, or prenatal treatments I am committed to meet you where you are on

your wellness  journey. 

I am experienced  in pre natal , myofascial release, deep tissue techniques, Swedish, sports massage, and neuromuscular therapy. I combine the best of these modalities to create comforting and therapeutic treatments that are unique and customized for a healing experience!

Being a holistic body-worker has been an amazing experience for my own physical and emotional growth and well being,  I encourage everyone to be intentional about taking space to be present, mindful and to be still when our body calls for it. 


Classic Swedish Massage

Classic Swedish Massage: a traditional, invigorating massage using various modalities and techniques, tailored to your unique needs. Customize your experience with your favorite essential oil blend for pure relaxation, rejuvenation or energy release. In performing this holistic treatment, therapist will expertly adapt the pressure to best soothe your tired muscles.

(Pressure level - MEDIUM)


 60 min $130

 90 min  $160

120 min $190


Therapeutic Corrective Massage

Russian/ Sports/ Therapeutic Corrective Massage: For those who’d prefer firmer pressure, this full body massage is the best choice. Benefit from released adhesion and  muscle tension from your body, stretching affected areas through a complete range of motion, and increased mobility helping you reach your healing goals in a deep and effective way. 

(Pressure level - DEEP)


 60 min $130

 90 min  $160

120 min $190


Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage : This very gentle prenatal treatment is excellent for relieving muscle pains and aches, improving circulation and promoting relaxation. Recommended for women beyond their first tri-mester. 

(Pressure level - LIGHT)


60 min $120 

Womb-ish client* 60 min $100



Cupping therapy - add on only $25

Hot stone treatment - add on only $25

Paraffin wax treatment - add on only $15

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