Birth Doula and Educator Services

Representation and Support, every step of the way! 

Child birth is natural, beautiful, and a joyous time for women. It is to be treated with care, respect, and viewed as a sacred time. Womb Ish provides birthing Doula services in a variety of ways, from educating and preparing  and throughout the entire birthing of the baby. 


Clients have the ability to meet with educators monthly. we do not believe in restricting visits, as each pregnancy is unique, and requires a high level of attention and care. During out meetings, we will discuss all of your concerns, thoughts, and feelings. You and your support person will be equipped with all of the knowledge and resources needed to birth confidently. 

Clients will also have access to all prenatal classes! These classes range from child birth education, to breastfeeding prep. All classes are complimentary for clients, and you are allotted one guest pass. 

As your Doula, we are always accessible outside of monthly visits. Clients have unlimited phone, text, and email accessibility. This is especially important for mothers who need answers to questions throughout their pregnancy. 






As your Doula, we will be on call beginning at week 38 of your pregnancy until your baby is born. We will join in on your active laboring, and will stay by your side throughout the entire birthing process. During your laboring experience, soothing techniques will be implemented to ensure that you are striding through every contraction as your baby makes its way down the birth canal. 

Additionally, we will ensure that all caregivers in the room are also well. Partners, parents, and friends are important players in the birthing process, also! 

Once your baby is born, we will remain by your side to ensure that you, baby, and loved ones are okay. This is an intimate moment, and you want to make sure that everything you need is available. After you are reacclimatized to your life setting with your newborn, a follow up meeting will take place. During this time, you will have the ability to address any concerns that you may have, and receive answers. 

Postpartum Doula services are available! Inquire for more information!  

- Decreased fear and anxiety

- A more positive, healthy birth memory

- More vaginal deliveries

- Shorter labors