Start a career as a birth worker!
( In person and virtual options available)  

Do you have a passion for pregnancy, birth and postpartum as it relates to assisting pregnant women?  Now is the time to embark upon an exciting career as a birth worker! There are several options, and Womb Ish is here to provide such training! 

2021 Registration is Open! 

The Birthworker Career

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Thank you for you interest in the training programs provided through Womb Intensive Systematic Holistic Care, LLC. This is a great time to embark upon your journey toward gaining knowledge to assist women with birthing and the postpartum phase. A birth worker performs several services, those of which fall under the umbrella of representation. We are advocates, witnesses to birth, and providers of emotional and physical support. Our job is to provide information to clients to help them make informed decisions concerning birth, and the well being of themselves and their newbown. 


The decision to take classes through Womb Intensive Systematic Holistic Care, LLC will change the lives of women all over, and as a Birth Worker, every client experience will rebirth you! 


Please find course outlines and rates below:

Breastfeeding Counselor - $2,000.00

( In person and virtual options available) 


- The history of breastfeeding 

-  Seven basic counseling skills 

- Active listening skills 

- Verbal vs. Nonverbal communication 

- Utilizing proven counseling methods and skills 

- Client consultations, code of ethics, And standards of practice 

- Breast structure and function 

- Milk production 

- Nipple care 

- Maternal nutrition and health factors in lactation 

- Components of milk 

- Medicine and milk 

- Breastfeedinf education teaching techniques 

- Positioning 

- Breastfeeding twins 

- Building a milk supply 

- Troubleshooting breastfeeding issues 

- Normal fullness vs what is not normal 

- Supply boosting 

- Milk banks and donor milk 

- Hospital practices 

- Changes in the family 

- Infant development 

- Reflexing, rooting and sucking 

- Understanding digestion 

- Spitting up 

- Sleeping patterns 

- Temporary breastfeeding challenges and solutions 

- NICU graduates and preemies 

- Returning to work and bottle feeding 


Childbirth Educator Training - $1,500.00

( In person and virtual options available) 


- What is a childbirth educator 

- Scope of practice 

- client privacy 

- Anatomy and physiology 

- Fetal development 

- Maternal changes 

- Emotional changes 

- Social changes during pregnancy 

- Third trimester 

- Nutrition during pregnancy 

- Pregnancy complications 

- Stages of labor 

- Hormones in labor 

- Birthing positions 

- Comfort measures 

- Birth options 

- Antenatal interventions 

- Induction and augmentation 

- Pharmacological Pain relief options 

- Assisted birth 

- Cesarean births 

- Active management of the third stage 

- Medically needed mother baby separation 

- Informed decision making 

- Informed consent 

- Birth plans and preferences 

- Newborn choices 

- Options for parents 

- Infant feeding 

- Infant sleep 

- Family planning 

- Postpartum basics 


Birth Doula Training - $3,000.00

( In person and virtual options available) 

- The job of the birth doula 

- Scope of practice 

- Client privacy 

- Required reading and discussion 

- Basic understanding of pregnancy 

- Stages of labor 

- Assessing and anticipating the needs of a birth woman and partner 

- Types of care providers 

- Politics of birth 

- Prenatal appointments 

- Common interventions 

- Comfort measures for childbirth 

- Options for pain relief during birth 

- Being on call 

- Required reading and discussion 

- Emotional intelligence 

- Communication 

- How to influence people 

- Self disclosure 

- Professionalism overview 

- Flexibility and reliability 

- Business behind doula services 


Postpartum Doula Training - $3,000.00

( In person and virtual options available) 


- The job of a postpartum doula 

- Scope of practice 

- Client privacy 

- Breakdown of postpartum period 

- Assessing and anticipating family needs 

- Parenting styles 

- Parenting trends and topics of debate 

- Recovery from birth

- postpartum mood disorders 

- Normalizing postpartum recovery 

- Knowledge of baby basics 

- Breastfeeding basics 

- Infant sleep 

- Preparing bottles 

- Safe environments for baby 

- Cord stump care 

- Caring for the siblings 

- Early childhood stages of development 

- Healthy postpartum meals and snacks 

- basic cooking class 

- Assessing needs for the kitchen 

- Home organizing skills 

- Flexibility and reliability 

- Family adjustment 

- Twins 

- NICU and preemie care 

- Business behind doula services