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Postpartum Support Specialist

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The postpartum journey is that of an interesting experience for families. During this time, women and their support team are working through the process of adjusting to life with a newborn. This adjustment is full of learning lessons, improvising, and troubleshooting. Families are also working hard to protect the integrity of their relationships, all while finding themselves during a time of unfamiliarity.

At Womb Intensive Systematic Holistic Care, the need for support during the postpartum journey is identified as highly important. Our postpartum department works diligently to support our community of postpartum moms and dads, and it is our goal that all parents should be moving in an upward direction throughout their postpartum healing journey.

Postpartum Support Specialists work to improve outcomes in the lives of birthing women and support teams. Their support efforts include conducting postpartum coaching appointments, checking in with clients, and acting as an informational hub for clients in need of resources for their postpartum journey. This role is vital for maintaining the high level of support and care provided to clients at Womb Ish.

Postpartum Support Specialists conduct postpartum coaching appointments with Womb Ish clients in office. They are responsible for facilitating each session with discussion based teaching using Womb Ish topics.


Postpartum Support Specialists must have experience with the postpartum journey and interacting with/supporting women and families during the postpartum journey.

This position requires either training and certification as a postpartum doula, licensed counselor, or a degree in education, physiology, or relative experience.

This position requires flexibility, and ability to work on the weekends. You must be local to the Philadelphia area, or willing to travel. Postpartum Support Specialists are team players, and always willing to learn and grow.

About the Company

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