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Are you feeling overwhelmed and not confident about childbirth? Wanting a walk-through of the process in an easy-to-understand, fun and super informative way?  Confident - Childbirth Education  is your "birth 101" - a start-to-finish run-through of physiologic birth.  This class will help you understand what's going on in your body, what to expect for laboring and how to prepare for the birth of your little one! 


You can start and stop this class, and watch it as many times as you'd like! Pop some popcorn and get comfy, we are about to learn and have fun! 


Class Includes:

  • Uprooting seeds of fear during birth.
  • Anatomy of Pregnancy

  • Your Due Date
  • What is Labor?
  • Stages of Having a Baby
  • Early Labor
  • Active Labor
  • Transition
  • When to Go to the Hospital
  • Coping with Labor 
  • Breathing 
  • Pushing
  • Birth
  • Delivery of the Placenta


BONUS: purchase once and have LIFETIME access! 


"I am excited and happy for you and your family as you prepare forthe birth of your baby. The more you know, the more confident you will be!  Preparation is key, and you deserve to birth with POWER." - Christine Eley, CEO

Online Childbirth Education Class

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