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2023 Summer Camp 
Registration is open! 

Gardening and Sustainability 

Gardening and sustainability are important life skills that we are embracing at Womb Ish Summer Camp! Campers will learn how to grow crops and maintain them. We will track our progress throughout the summer while we focus on building a knowledge for herbal remedies! 


The Womb Ish campers will learn all about DIY projects and how to be resourceful with tools and skills to make cool things! Campers will have an opportunity to sell their items amongst their peers at the " pop up DIY shop "

Culinary Arts 

We are learning how to cook! Our campers will focus on learning healthy food components, and constructing recipes for summer meals and snacks. From salads, to smoothies, we will feast in the summer sunshine! 


embracing entrepreneurship starts at a young age, and we will dive in and learn how to write business plans, manage money, the different types of business structures, and how to reach goals, all while having fun! Campers will have an opportunity to meet female entrepreneurs of color and absorb the knowledge of those who are successful in the world of entrepreneurship! 

Self Care and Wellness 

Selfcare and wellness are important for our young girls, and we will spend time learning about healthy forms of self care and wellness. They will learn to embrace facials, journal writing, yoga, fitness and more! 

Arts and Music 

From painting portraits, to writing and preforming, our days will be filled with music and art! Campers will learn about different platforms of art and music, and we will learn about famous female  artists of color with hopes of building an appreciation for art and self expression!  

The Womb Ish Summer Camp is an interactive and fun experience for campers aged 8-12. Following our mission of making quality accessible to our entire community, Campers experience a variety of creative outlets (gardening, culinary arts, art design and music, self care and wellness, girlpreneurship, DIY and more!) as well as yoga, fitness and play activities in a clean and safe environment. 

During Womb Ish Camp, Campers will not only discover their creative potential but will learn how to successfully thrive with like minded children, and build lasting friendships! . Students will not only be hands on daily, but will have a wealth of knowledge to tangibly take home daily! 

Camp Dates & Times: June 20th-August 11th - 8:30am-3:30pm
**There is no camp on July 4th**

Camp Cost: $200 Weekly ( Not including trips ) 

There is a non-refundable registration cost of $200. Your camper is not successfully registered until the registration form and registration cost is satisfied. 

Summer Camp Registration

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